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Future development of pump and valve industry

Update Time :2018-03-16The view :975

With the aggravation of environmental pollution, the concept of green environmental protection is becoming more and more popular. Coupled with the depletion of non-renewable energy, clean new energy is bound to replace the traditional petrochemical energy. In order to ensure China's energy security and sustainable economic development, energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of new energy industry will present a new trend of green environmental protection. Affected by this, the future development of pump valve industry will inevitably step into the ranks of green and environmental protection! For the pump and valve industry, because its raw materials are mainly steel this non-renewable resources, in the policy direction began to advocate environmental protection and energy conservation policy. Through the collection of relevant information and further understanding of today's pump valve industry, began to touch the core part of the industry policy. Production enterprises should actively face the market challenges, focusing on high-tech investment, and further adjust products according to market demand. In this case, 2018 flow tech Guangdong Guangdong international pump pipe valve exhibition coordinates the efforts of all parties in the environmental protection sector to build a national exchange platform for green and sustainable economic development. 2018 flow tech Guangdong Guangdong international pump pipe valve exhibition will be opened again in Guangzhou poly world trade Expo from April 2 to April 4 next year! It is conservatively estimated that more than 35,000 professional visitors from home and abroad and 800 exhibitors will come to the exhibition, and the scale and level of the exhibition will reach a record high in recent years.

In order to meet the increasing demand of cross-border cooperation in environmental protection industry, make more enterprises in environmental protection and related industries have an effective communication and interconnection platform, and create an open, integrated and extended cross-border cooperation atmosphere in environmental protection industry, Guangdong international pump pipe valve exhibition will hold several high-end meetings in the industry at the same time. among them, in the flow stage enterprise technology exchange meeting ( manufacturer's new product / new technology conference ), the exhibitors will display the latest pump energy-saving technology, focus on the discussion of green environmental protection and energy-saving hot topics in the industry with experts, and jointly strike the innovation and environmental protection in the pump valve industry with you.