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Cause, solution and effect analysis of high temperature of vacuum pump

Update Time :2018-03-15The view :1073

First, the cause analysis of vacuum pump high temperature

1, the motor power is big, the working current is big, calorific value is big.

2, the number of fan blades is less, the air volume is small.

3, fan speed is low, wind pressure, air volume is small.

4, vacuum pump motor bus voltage is 380 v, due to the cable voltage drop and load distribution is uneven, the actual motor voltage is only 365v, low voltage caused by running current.

5, motor with dust, oil, reduce the heat dissipation capacity.

Second, the vacuum pump high temperature countermeasures

Motor power, speed is matched with the vacuum pump, cannot be changed. The fan is mounted on the motor spindle and the motor speed determines the fan speed and cannot be replaced. Although increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, but the number of blades increased, dynamic balance is not easy to find, such as alignment is not good, will cause motor vibration increase.

1, the original fan cover extended 40 cm, inside with a fan cover with the same diameter axial flow fan, axial flow fan motor power 850 w, speed 1489 r / min, voltage 380 v.. The original fan remains. Axial flow fan set up another way of power control, axial flow fan and the main motor is not linked. Start the axial flow fan operation in time after the vacuum pump starts, shut down the axial flow fan 30 min after the vacuum pump shut down, in order to make the main motor fully cooled;

2, regularly remove dust on the motor, keep the motor cooling fin clean, increase its heat dissipation capacity;

3, adjust the vacuum pump bus voltage to 400 v..

Third, the effect of high temperature vacuum pump

1, due to the axial flow fan speed is high, wind pressure air volume is big, the cooling effect is greatly enhanced, in the same environment temperature, load current, the main motor temperature dropped by 12 ℃. Summer main motor temperature is not overrun.

2, the insulation aging speed of the main motor is slowed down, and the service life of the main motor is prolonged.

3, axial flow fan can be controlled manually, after the main motor shutdown, axial flow fan can still run, can make the main motor is fully cooled.

4, voltage adjustment, diaphragm pump operation current drop to 210 a, calorific value is relatively reduced.

5, try to make 2 bus load distribution balance, in case a bus voltage drop too much due to overload.