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What is the exhaust pressure of a water ring vacuum pump?

Update Time :2018-03-20The view :1489
During the operation of the vacuum pump, air will be continuously discharged from the pump body to form the required vacuum degree at the suction port. in other words, the exhaust pressure is another major factor affecting the operation efficiency of the water ring vacuum pump. The exhaust pressure has a great influence on the suction capacity of vacuum pump and the power consumption of shaft operation. When the vacuum pump system is in operation, if the exhaust pressure is higher, the suction amount of the vacuum pump is smaller, and the power consumption of the corresponding shaft operation is larger. Conversely, the smaller the system exhaust pressure, the greater the suction capacity of the vacuum pump and the smaller the corresponding shaft operating power consumption. Therefore, in the actual operation and maintenance process, should be real-time observation of vacuum pump system exhaust pressure data, when abnormal exhaust pressure data, should immediately take corresponding measures to update the whole vacuum system, make the vacuum system exhaust pressure for a long time to maintain in the national standard or manufacturer recommended range value, ensure the vacuum pump is always in the optimal working condition, effectively improve the overall operation of water ring vacuum pump mechanical efficiency.